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Welcome to the home page of TransPOT, a European Commission-funded programme awarded to the University of Crete Medical School which aims to enhance technology and research in Translational Medicine.

An established community of active scientists have built a solid reputation in research at our institution over the last few decades, aiming for excellence in areas of major biomedical importance, such as stem cell biology, autoimmune, cardiovascular, malignant and degenerative diseases. TransPOT will however provide a much-needed boost to the research community here, by providing access to state-of-the-art infrastructure and services in the fields of Regenerative Medicine and Genomics. With the acquisition of this award, the University of Crete can attract high-calibre scientists to the local research community and establish wider networks with major research centres across Europe. Supported by this EC-funded programme, we aspire to lead the field, locally and nationally, in translational medical research, which will bring direct scientific, healthcare and social benefits to the region.

TransPOT: "Enhancing University of Crete Medical School Scientific Excellence and Translational Research Potential in Human Diseases".

Call Identifier : FP7-2011-REGPOT-1
Contract Number : 285948
Total Cost : € 3,410,160
European Commission Funding : € 3,040,726

Genomics Lab
The award of the TransPOT grant has allowed us to acquire a state-of-the-art laser capture microdissection system and a robotic real-time PCR system for mid and high-throughput analyses. Trained personnel funded by TransPOT ensure the professional use of this equipment and aids users to optimize their experiments when using the facilities.
GMP Cell Therapy Unit
The GMP cell processing unit consists of four positive air-pressure modular clean-rooms covering a total surface of 35m2 inside the main building of the Medical School.
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