TransPOT has a multi-tiered management structure to ensure the execution of deliverables and accountability in research funding. The programme is overseen by an EC project officer, whose job it is to monitor progress as a whole. The co-ordinator of TransPOT at UOC, Professor Aristides Eliopoulos, acts as the executive director of TransPOT and is the single contact point between the programme and the Commission. All aspects of TransPOT facilities including operation and monitoring are the responsibility of the co-ordinator, who is assisted on a day to day basis by the project manager. Reporting, conferences, and administration of the programme are also overseen by the co-ordinator.

TransPOT has also an advisory board which is comprised of 8 external scientists and a steering committee which is responsible for reviewing the progress and overall strategy of the programme. The research activities of TransPOT are divided into 5 workpackages and a detailed plan of deliverables exists for each workpackage, which has its own leader. Within the management structure there is also a Committee on integration with society whose job it will be to raise public understanding of scientific and health issues and to strengthen links with national patient groups.

Genomics Lab
The award of the TransPOT grant has allowed us to acquire a state-of-the-art laser capture microdissection system and a robotic real-time PCR system for mid and high-throughput analyses. Trained personnel funded by TransPOT ensure the professional use of this equipment and aids users to optimize their experiments when using the facilities.
GMP Cell Therapy Unit
The GMP cell processing unit consists of four positive air-pressure modular clean-rooms covering a total surface of 35m2 inside the main building of the Medical School.
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