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TransPOT co-ordinator : Professor Aris Eliopoulos :
TransPOT manager : Dr Pauline Knox
: Z. Gouskos
TransPOT management office : Telephone +30 2810 394565
  : Fax +30 2810 394530

Genomics Lab
The award of the TransPOT grant has allowed us to acquire a state-of-the-art laser capture microdissection system and a robotic real-time PCR system for mid and high-throughput analyses. Trained personnel funded by TransPOT ensure the professional use of this equipment and aids users to optimize their experiments when using the facilities.
GMP Cell Therapy Unit
The GMP cell processing unit consists of four positive air-pressure modular clean-rooms covering a total surface of 35m2 inside the main building of the Medical School.
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