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A total of 33 senior scientific staff at the University of Crete (UOC) participate in the TransPOT programme, which is divided into 5 workpackages, led by faculty members from UOC.

Professor Aristides Eliopoulos (Division of Basic Sciences) leads the consortium and has the responsibility for the overall management of the project, including communication with the EC and financial management.

From the Division of Internal Medicine, Professor Helen Papadaki leads workpackage 2 dealing with the state-of-the-art equipment for the upgraded Genomics/post Genomics laboratory. Professors Papadaki and Eliopoulos will also oversee the establishment of a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Cell Therapy Laboratory and Genomics Facility, respectively.

Workpackage 3 is led by Associate Professor Costantine Papadakis from the Division of Internal Medicine , who is responsible for the recruitment of senior researchers and experienced personnel to positively impact on the scientific and technological potential of UOC. Through TransPOT we plan to expand scientifically in the fields of experimental cardiology, infectious diseases, inflammatory pathologies, cancer, autoimmunity, neurodegeneration, aging and metabolic diseases.

Associate Professor Chris Tsatsanis from the Division of Laboratory Medicine will lead workpackage 4 which deals with the exchange of know-how and networking. Most research institutions cover only aspects of translational research and this fragmented approach hampers the progress of novel diagnostic and therapeutic tools for major diseases. By strengthening our existing links with other European Institutions we increase the exchange of knowledge and transfer of expertise to UOC. The networking institutions involved in TransPOT are; Karolinska Institute, Sweden; University of Toulouse, France; University of Utrecht, Netherlands; Almac Diagnostics, UK; Cenix Bioscience, Germany; University of Liverpool Cancer Research Centre, UK; University of Rijeka, Croatia.

Workpackage 5 which deals with the dissemination of knowledge is led by Professor Dimitris Kardassis from the Division of Basic Sciences. This workpackage is devoted to increasing the visibility of excellence by engaging the public in research and scientific issues.

Genomics Lab
The award of the TransPOT grant has allowed us to acquire a state-of-the-art laser capture microdissection system and a robotic real-time PCR system for mid and high-throughput analyses. Trained personnel funded by TransPOT ensure the professional use of this equipment and aids users to optimize their experiments when using the facilities.
GMP Cell Therapy Unit
The GMP cell processing unit consists of four positive air-pressure modular clean-rooms covering a total surface of 35m2 inside the main building of the Medical School.
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