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The following group leaders at UOC Medical School are involved in TransPOT. Together they bring a diverse range of knowledge and expertise to the programme and TransPOT will enable their research effort to be accelerated by the availability of state-of-the-art infrastructure.

(*) Participant Member Number
(*) Department Laboratory Person in Charge
Division of Basic Sciences
01 Biology Molecular & Cellular Biology A. Eliopoulos, PhD, Professor
02 Neurobiology D. Karagogeos, PhD Professor
03 Molecular Systems Biology N. Tavernarakis, PhD Professor
04 Bioinformatics I. Iliopoulos, PhD Lecturer
05 Biochemistry Cytoskeleton Dynamics and Signalling C. Stournaras, PhD Professor
06 Cardiovascular Diseases D. Kardassis, PhD Professor
07 Cellular Biochemistry P. Theodoropoulos, PhD Assistant Professor
Division of Internal Medicine
08 Haematology Haemopoiesis Research H. Papadaki, MD, PhD Professor
09 Rheumatology Autoimmunity and Inflammation D. Boumpas, MD, FACP Professor
10 Inflammatory Arthritis Section - Autoimmunity and Inflammation P. Sidiropoulos, MD Assistant Professor
11 Internal Medicine Unit of Cardiovascular Risk Factor Modification E. Ganotakis, MD Associate Professor
12 Molecular Medicine and Human Genetics G. Goulielmos, PhD Assistant Professor
13 Cardiology Cardiac Diseases P.E. Vardas, MD, PhD Professor
14 F. Parthenakis, MD, PhD Associate Professor
15 Gastroenterology & Hepatology Mucosal Immunity and Inflammation C. Papadakis, MD, PhD Associate Professor
16 Dermatology Experimental Dermatology C. Krasagakis, MD Associate Professor
17 S. Krüeger, MD Assistant Professor
18 Thoracic Medicine Molecular and Cellular Pulmonology N. Siafakas, MD, PhD Professor
19 E. Tzortzaki, MD, PhD Assistant Professor
20 K. Antoniou, MD, PhD Lecturer
Division of Clinical Laboratory Medicine
21 Clinical Laboratory Medicine Intra-Adrenal homeostasis A. Margioris, MD, PhD Professor
22 Clinical Immunology & Endocrinology E. Castanas, MD, PhD Professor
23 G. Notas, MD, PhD Lecturer
24 Molecular Virology G. Sourvinos, PhD Associate Professor
25 Skin homeostasis and Inflammation-Induced Analgesia M. Venihaki, PhD Assistant Professor
26 Inflammation & Cancer C. Tsatsanis, PhD Associate Professor
Division of Mother & Child Health
27 Gynaecology & Paediatrics Human Reproduction A. Makrigiannakis, MD, PhD Professor
Division of Surgery
28 Intensive Care Medicine Intensive Care Medicine D. Georgopoulos, MD, PhD Professor
29 E. Kondili, MD Assistant Professor
30 K. Vaporidi, MD, PhD Lecturer
31 Department of Orthopaedics P. Katonis, MD, PhD Associate Professor
32 Department of Vascular Surgery C. Ioannou, MD, PhD Associate Professor
Division of Neurology
33 Neurology Neurology A. Plaitakis, MD, PhD Professor

Genomics Lab
The award of the TransPOT grant has allowed us to acquire a state-of-the-art laser capture microdissection system and a robotic real-time PCR system for mid and high-throughput analyses. Trained personnel funded by TransPOT ensure the professional use of this equipment and aids users to optimize their experiments when using the facilities.
GMP Cell Therapy Unit
The GMP cell processing unit consists of four positive air-pressure modular clean-rooms covering a total surface of 35m2 inside the main building of the Medical School.
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